Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Sister is in S. Korea now...

The decision for me to work as an ALT in Japan has been something I have considered and thought about for the longest time. While preparing to get over to Japan, my sister witnessed a lot of the headaches and hassles I had to go through. I would occasionally ask her if she would want to be an ALT as well. Who would have thought that she would commit to being one in a shorter amount of time than me? And with less headaches...


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  2. Stephanie learned from your headaches it seems to make her plans go a little smoother to work in Korea. Have you seen her blog? You've even motivated her to write about her adventures abroad like you:

  3. Hey, Jerry,
    This has been so nice to read what you and now, what Stephanie, have been experiencing. She'll catch onto posting pics and videos too, I'm sure.
    Take care,
    Roberta Parker