Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Good News

I obtained my transcripts today! Tomorrow I send it all off! Looks like I'll be able to work in Japan! Can't wait. Can't wait.

Probably will ask about placement. Sapporo on my mind.


Donate Tab and New Episodes

A pay pal 'Donate' button is now on the right side!! Big woop!

Only a few more remaining on Sapporo! I'm thinking; Neisko will be next, then a combo episode on Raemen Ally and Nissan Show room... maybe I'll do that one first, a lot less to prepare. Who knows.

Ghetto, westside.


Speed Bump.

Like one of those nasty ones where you end up bottoming out in your car, thinking you've done damage to something important. That's what has happened to me.

Today would be the day that I send out all my important information to Japan. I say would be, because of the speed bump I hit on Friday. And of course, speed bump as a metaphor.

Friday, I went in for my final medical examination and had everything checked out. It all looked good (except for my blood pressure but I think that is partially due to nerves). I was in good spirits and headed home. Upon arrival I found that my transcripts haven't arrived, so I decided to call my school about them.

Either someone working with the US Postal Service failed me or someone handling the mail at the Art Institute of Portland failed me.

After I found out my transcript request form wasn't there, I zipped down to Kinkos and faxed them a new request. Still though, they told me the best they could do was process it in five business days. Bureaucracy.

I'll call them later today and see if they have processed it, for now, I have thrown in the towel on the company I've been in correspondence with. I mean, not completely, maybe I should be a little more clear. But I find that the probability of obtaining my transcripts earlier than Tuesday this week and FedExing them on 24 hour express to make it there by this Thursday (our time) seems unlikely.

This means the process of looking for new work, has once again; begun. There are always jobs in Japan, its just where and when they start. Benefits, how much they pay, etc... I've found a few new places to apply and I might as well start.

Where I want to be is Sapporo but that looks like it won't happen. Unless, of course I subscribe to the "Hokkaido Insider". Which is more or less 'classified' ads geared at Hokkaido. Listing jobs, both teaching and non, within the region. Its 5,000 Yen; which is about $55-60 at the moment. To me, almost seems worth it, unless I fail.

Time to think.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Michael Jackson Grab!!!

This doesn't have too much to do with travel but I feel like posting it anyway... Went snowboarding yesterday and decided to do a little tribute to the 'King of Pop'



Thursday, January 7, 2010

BTS 4!!!

I put this one in the "Behind the Scenes" category because well, its production value is low. I might do some more of these lower production value type of videos later... When I think of something to talk about.

You should, however, buy a 'stamp' book before you go anywhere in at least Taiwan or Japan. I'm serious!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Japanese Medical Form...

What is it? What does it do?

I have no clue. It gets me a job.

Those are my answers...

I met with a physician today and everything went fairly well. Well, except for everything relating to heart health. Oh dear. I blame genetics on that one. Of course, its avoidable; lay off the salt, go easy on the meat, eat more greens, etc...

Its strange, partly because over these last few years my intake of greens has increased and junk food has decreased, still; my blood pressure remains high.

Back to the medical form. I am to have one filled out with a chest x-ray, blood sample, blood pressure, and urine sample. Its kind of a lot. But not really. Although, three of the four listed aren't in a normal physical. I can get the rest done tomorrow if I need to.

The only solution I could find was the following medical certificate:

I'm awaiting an email back to see if this is sufficient enough. If it is, I will return tomorrow and get the rest all filled out. Another trip.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Episode 20!!!

Here it is:

I don't think I'll speak about toilets until I move overseas.


10 Days!

Business days. That is how much time I have to bring a list together of important documents for my job in Japan.

1) A photocopy of your passport photo and ID page(s)
2) Record of the last entry and the number of visits to Japan
3) 2 passport size photos
4) Official Transcripts (original) with sealed envelope
5) A copy of your BA/BS diploma (If your certificate doesn't state your exact date of graduation, please state the date when you reply to this email. This is for the purpose of obtaining work visa.)
6) Any additional degrees, certificates, or official records showing either of the following: work experience, employment, knowledge in teaching, Japanese (language, or cultural studies)
7) Place of Birth (in your passport)
8) Certificate of Pledge and Personal Guarantee with copies of guarantor's photo ID (Your parents or friends could act as your guarantor.)
9) Medical Certificate

Nearly all can be accomplished within a day or two. The only one I am concerned about is obtaining my college transcripts. I'm only about twenty miles from my college but knowing they can put these things to the side and forget about them is worrisome.

I've made a few phone calls to the school but it seems as though they are busy and its approaching lunchtime... I'll still see if I can make this work.

UPDATE: Found out it will take up to 5 business days for me to get required information. Ugh. This means around 4-3 business days to make sure it gets to Japan.

Don't let me down FedEx! I'll be counting on you next week!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Episode 19!!!! Historic Village!


I'm winding down with the Sapporo series... Finally. Before I even finish, I might go on a break form making these for a while. I have about 40 hours of family videos (on VHS) to sift through and this needs to be done before I leave for Japan.

I think all that is left for Sapporo is... Possibly a review on Nesiko. That really looks like I'm near the end.

Of course, I could talk about Raemen Ally and the Nissan Showroom; both of which are in Sapporo. I lack footage. And there are even more things to talk about but then, I feel like I'm just talking. I'll contemplate it.

I've also came the the realization that it is difficult to get decent music for my videos. All of what is heard in my videos was made by me... Problem is, I'm not a composer and most of my songs last 1:30 which isn't long enough. If they clocked in at 3 minutes, then the would be more useful.

I'll have to sit down and try and make a handful of longer songs. Plus, trying to get that 'mood' thing, its difficult. I listen to metal, where the mood is generally easier to create.


Friday, January 1, 2010

Episode 18!!!!!

Maruyama Zoo!!!

I know it takes me forever to get through these things, it's almost been a year since I've been to Japan. There could always be more productive things to do but... I enjoy diss.