Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Japanese Medical Form...

What is it? What does it do?

I have no clue. It gets me a job.

Those are my answers...

I met with a physician today and everything went fairly well. Well, except for everything relating to heart health. Oh dear. I blame genetics on that one. Of course, its avoidable; lay off the salt, go easy on the meat, eat more greens, etc...

Its strange, partly because over these last few years my intake of greens has increased and junk food has decreased, still; my blood pressure remains high.

Back to the medical form. I am to have one filled out with a chest x-ray, blood sample, blood pressure, and urine sample. Its kind of a lot. But not really. Although, three of the four listed aren't in a normal physical. I can get the rest done tomorrow if I need to.

The only solution I could find was the following medical certificate:

I'm awaiting an email back to see if this is sufficient enough. If it is, I will return tomorrow and get the rest all filled out. Another trip.

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