Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Plans in Japan

It's finally here, summer break. I have around five weeks of free time to do whatever I please. The main problem I have standing in my way this summer is, money. Basically the root of all evil. I never wrote an update but I have been severely broke since the earthquake in March. I lost a few days of work which meant I didn't get paid for them. Luckiy, I had family and friends who have helped me out.

Then in late May I had quite a big medical scare. My entire right side went numb and I had symptoms similar to a stroke. I spent some time in the ER, between doctors, and a ton of tests. It turns out that I am ok but need to pay more attention to my posture. Again, I lost a few days of work, which meant I wasn't paid. Plus there were medical bills (Thank God I wasn't in America or else I would have been screwed for years to come. My total for all my bills was less than $500 and that includes FOUR MRIs which in the USA are $2,000 a pop).

All of this happens before a glorious time, summer break. I'm not a huge fan of summer in Japan, mainly because of the humidity but I am a big fan from having time off work. Originally I planned to head back to the USA and visit everyone. Well, plane tickets are out of my price range. Then I hatched another plan, travel all throughout Japan. I contemplated heading to Osaka and Kyoto, then taking a ferry to Hokkaido and enjoy the rest of summer of there.

Then I was a grown up about it. Although I realize that I could go to Hokkaido, see Kyoto or visit some distant part of Japan, it just isn't smart for me to do something like that. This summer were be spent here in Tochigi. I have some plans to get out of the area. I will still buy a train pass and get out a few times but only day trips to Tokyo. Mt. Fuji is on the list once again this year. I just don't want to be financially broke anymore.

As bad as it sounds, I can make it somewhat positive. I spent all my life living in WA state. One of the most beautiful states in all of America. But I have spent very little time on the Olympic Peninsula and next to no time in central WA. There is so much I haven't seen. I see my opportunity this summer to explore my little region of Japan.