Friday, February 4, 2011

Nuke the Sun

This is the first winter in my life, I feel extreme hate. The Sun... Nuke it honestly. I hate that devil in the sky. It blows out my eyes, it hurts me eyes, and causes decoloration in my eyes. Don't believe me? Read about blue eyes. Suicide rates are actually higher in the summer for blue eyed folk. But it's winter Jerry.... THIS FEELS LIKE SUMMER. I'm seriously at the end of my rope.

Where are my ten months of clouds? Cold, I don't mind... The sun can shove itself in the nearest hole and die. I hate it. Always have. F YOU SUNSHINE!


Low Birth Rate

Japan's low birth rate is something that's intriguing to me. I've read numerous articles about it, I've seen the graphs, and heard all the predictions. It's causation is due to numerous factors, too many to list really. It's crazy to contemplate an entire nation on the verge of a collapse in a mere fifty years due to something that could be easily solved. Sometime later, I will write more on this subject.