Friday, September 30, 2011


I wore a white dress shirt today.  I never wear it because it's easy to see through.  As I was walking past some students the sunlight hit me perfectly.  ''ジェリ先生、イレズミ持っていますか?’’  Then the pestering began.  I put my finger over my lips like ''it's a secret''.  The kids laughed and said ''it's cool''.  It still makes me nervous.   This isn't America, where it's not a big deal.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hit by a car in Japan AND other things

This past monday I had the joyous experience of getting into a cycling accident over here in Japan.  There are so many details that I want to get into but for now, that must wait.  It came at the worst time too.

If you have been following my work for the past six weeks or so, I have been posting constantly once every Wednesday.  I got up to begin work on the WAR MUSEUM episode and then, well, I just got lazy.  I decided to not work on it that week and instead save it for next week.  

The problem is, a lot happened rather quickly.  I had to move out of my apartment (which I will get to later) and I got hit by a car.  I'm going to have some time off this weekend and will aim to get that war museum episode done.  There is a lot that I want to say.  I want it to be a meaningful episode and cut corners.

Sorry, there are just a collection of thoughts right now.  It's about one-forty in the morning.  I should be asleep but I felt like I just need to update a little.

Once I am settled in my new place, I will get to work.  I don't have much money so it looks like I will be once again stuck where I am at for a while.  At least I have friends.