Friday, October 18, 2013

Does Japan have Bigfoot?

Sort of...  Around the time that Sasquatch exploded onto the scene in the 1960s and 1970s in America, Japan had it's own version make a stand.

Trying to find any information on the hibagon in English is nearly impossible.  My Japanese isn't up to par, so searching that was is just as tricky.  I've been told that it has other names and legends of the creature go even further back.

I was told about a creature that met the criteria for a Sasquatch and Higbagon like creature known as ''Satori'' (さとり).  The description and even the characteristics match.  I've read many encounters people have with Sasquatch and they feel almost mesmerized by the beast.  They never felt fear and instead felt a connection with the creature.  

Personally, I really don't like to go down the road into 'tabloid' weird and hear stories about people saying how bigfoot is a transdimensional being.  It really grinds my gears.  But to hear that there are similar stories all the way from Japan, is somewhat fascinating.  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Philippines

Yesterday I showed a video that had some cold and nasty weather.  How about today, I take you in the opposite direction and talk about the PHILIPPINES!!!

Nearly two years ago I made the trek to that lovely country.  I went with my mom and dad, whom I met in S. Korea.  We were going there to attend the wedding of my sister as she was marrying her Filipino fiance.

I spent roughly a week in the Philippines and the time there seemed far to short.  During the winter months, I somewhat slipped into a depression and even though I'm used to gloomy weather (I'm from Washington) being far from family didn't help.  The week spent in the Philippines was enough to cheer me up and get me somewhat out of the 'fog'.  It was nice warm sunny weather and the people were just as kind.

We spent most of our time north of Manilla and took day trips out to Bagio and the Hundred Islands.  It was quite a contrast from Japan and Korea but I really was able to take in the relaxed atmosphere.  I really want to go back.  Being around my parents the week prior was nice but they aren't always up for exploration like I am.

Monday, October 14, 2013


Here is another video I neglected to post a few months back!

This stop is somewhat hard to access if you don't have a car.  The only other way is via train or bus and I'm not even sure what kind of schedule those choices operate on.

I made this video in mid-March and as you can see, it was still snowing.  Always remember to dress accordingly!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Nasu Highland Park

Before summer, my friends and I ventured out to Nasu Highland Park.  It's basically the only theme park in the area.  A lot of people say it's over priced and over rated but the four of us managed to have an awesome time.  Much of this had to do with the co-operation of the weather.  In the morning there was dense fog that covered the mountain.  The threat of rain meant that ticket prices were half off.  It also meant that the crowds were to be thin.  After about an hour at the park, everything cleared up and it was a good day all around.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Rice Planting in Japan

Planting rice the old fashioned way was back breaking labor.  A single field would take hours to plant.  With the help of modern technology, that job has been drastically cut.  

This past May, I had the opportunity to help out my girlfriend's family plant rice.  It looks like all I did was screw around and make a video but I can assure you that I actually helped out in this process!  You'll see me for about ten seconds in the entire video!  Next year, they offered me the chance to drive the machine.  I don't think anyone likes doing it.  Sadly, I missed the chance to watch the rice harvesting which is just as fascinating.    

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A machine that dispenses eggs?

Japan has a vending machine for just about everything.  Aside from the gloriousness of a beer vending machine, they also have more practical ones like this egg vending machine.  Here is a video from my friend Steven about one. 

The likely hood you'll find a machine like this in Tokyo is on the low side.  However, you in the country side, they're not that uncommon to come by.  

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What is a hanko? 判子

I made a video a few months ago, giving a brief overview of what a 'hanko' actually is.


Friday, October 4, 2013

The World’s Smallest Park - Mill Ends

I've always been a fan of obscure attractions. This summer on my trip back to the States, I got to stop at one of them. It's fitting that “The World’s Smallest Park” calls Portland, Oregon home. The city is crawling with weirdos and what better place to turn a tiny curbside “island” into a “park for leprechauns”.

Wikipedia sums up the history of the park best, so I won't bother you with paraphrasing it. There were a couple of other stops I wanted to make in Portland but unfortunately I didn't have the time. I'll be sure to visit “The 24 Hour Church of Elvis” on my next go around.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Japan's Bicycle Theme Park

I had the pleasure to go to a bicycle theme park the other week.  I decided to make a video about it.  Enjoy!

It was a blast!

Monday, January 7, 2013

The World's Shortest Escalator

About four years ago, I stumbled upon a video about the world's shortest escalator.  I found the small escalator fascinating.  Since I was already set on moving to Japan, I put it on my bucket list.  A few years later, I finally have the chance to go see it.  A lot of anticipation had been building up surrounding this little machine.  My girlfriend was less than impressed but said she would oblige in helping me find it.  

After some travel in and around the Yokohama area, we take a peak.  There it was in all it's glory.  Truth be told, I really was excited to ride it.  The smile you see on my face is of pure joy.  I almost yelled at the escalator when I first saw it.  Now, the reason I wanted to ride it was because it's a fairly unique site.  

Since living in Japan, I've been bombarded with advertisements to see all of the famous sites.  I've been so flooded with images that when I eventually see these sites, I'm let down.  The Shibuya crossing and Harajuku were two of these sites that were a huge let down upon first seeing them.  Neither of these were a surprise to me.  I saw countless photos in Japanese media and videos online, before my trip to Japan.  When I finally had the chance to see them, it was nothing special and wasn't a surprise at all.  My first journey to Japan was to Sapporo, during the snow festival for this very reason.  

At Harajuku, there was a catch.  No body told me about the greasers in Yoyogi park, just a football field away.  This was a much more enjoyable surprise, compared with kids dressed in silly clothes.  

I like the path less traveled.  Even though, I knew exactly what to expect with the World's Smallest Escalator, it was still a joy to me.