Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Philippines

Yesterday I showed a video that had some cold and nasty weather.  How about today, I take you in the opposite direction and talk about the PHILIPPINES!!!

Nearly two years ago I made the trek to that lovely country.  I went with my mom and dad, whom I met in S. Korea.  We were going there to attend the wedding of my sister as she was marrying her Filipino fiance.

I spent roughly a week in the Philippines and the time there seemed far to short.  During the winter months, I somewhat slipped into a depression and even though I'm used to gloomy weather (I'm from Washington) being far from family didn't help.  The week spent in the Philippines was enough to cheer me up and get me somewhat out of the 'fog'.  It was nice warm sunny weather and the people were just as kind.

We spent most of our time north of Manilla and took day trips out to Bagio and the Hundred Islands.  It was quite a contrast from Japan and Korea but I really was able to take in the relaxed atmosphere.  I really want to go back.  Being around my parents the week prior was nice but they aren't always up for exploration like I am.

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