Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pre-500 Subscribers Thank You AND Sexy Santa Clause?

Christmas might be interpreted a little differently here in Japan.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hit by a BUS

The other day, I had the unfortunate position to be a teacher (who cares a lot about their students) and see one of their students sprawled out on the concrete. They were hit by a bus. I was about five minutes to late to witness the incident. How the student was hit by the bus, was broken down rather quickly in the course of a few hours. A flier was distributed to all the schools in the area. I broke it down in my head and was fairly close to how the situation occurred. I was there, I saw the damage on the bus, and the student on the ground.

The student was traveling with traffic. They decided to cross the street but not at an intersection. This is fairly common in Japan. The problem was their view was obstructed by a large truck. As they went into oncoming traffic, a LARGE BUS came into view and they were stuck. No time for either to react.

I came along just a few minutes after the incident. I felt sick to my stomach and couldn't stay for long. I asked one of my students who it was and they told me. The sad thing is, I have the hardest time trying to remember everyone I work with. I know most people by their face only. I can't read everyone's name because it's all Kanji and kanji can differ considerably with the Kanji it follows.

Luckily the student didn't die. They wound up with a broken back. Which is going to take forever to recover from. I know from personal experience that hospital life is NOT FUN (Although I do enjoy hospital food). I'll see if there is anything I can do to get the student in higher spirits.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Trying to maintain

It's rough honestly. There is a lot I'm trying to do all at once. Who thought that a hobby might feel like a chore? It's not really but it bites into my time. Not that bad. I enjoy it. The problem is that I have a hard time maintaining. I probably should snag a calendar and try and stick to a production schedule.

I've been trying to put out a video once a week. At the same time. Consistency is what people care about from time to time. You can produce good content but if it's not at 'X' time, it becomes hard to follow. I need to get back onto the three posts a week and at least one video a week AT THE SAME TIME!

Trust me, I SWEAR I will finish the Fuji stuff. Man. It's been so long. It's going to be like half a year since I climbed... Not as bad as over two years since I've been to Taiwan. Seriously dude.

So much content.


Music Appreciation

Today, a girl in one of my classes asked me if I liked Hannah Montana, Jona's Brothers, or Selina Gomez. She's about ten so I was kind and said 'I'm sorry, but I don't.' I got a stare from a pre-teen that could kill four lions and a herd of wildebeests. About five minutes later, music came blaring over the PA system for lunch. I can only describe it as a sweet taste of the 50's. As Elvis was rocking through the speakers, I asked 'Do you like this?'. With a toss of her head and a sharp she quipped 'no'. My eyes widened 'That's the King we're talking about!' I was about to go into a rant about modern music then realized it would fall on deaf ears. Not everyone speaks English in these parts.


Monday, November 8, 2010

TWJ - BTS 30 - Irrigation Matters in Japan


This has been something I have thought about for the longest time. Adapting to American life, maybe might be much easier for a Japanese person in American than an American in Japan. Or maybe that is just the perception.

Adapting to life overseas is somewhat of a complicated one. I went in a handful of times for interviews, to jobs that might lead to Japan. The interviewers always warned potential employees about the risk of the 'honeymoon phase'. This phase, as they classified it as 'Everything is awesome for three months, then soon after; turns sour'. For myself, I am far beyond the honey moon phase.

I already know the sour bits of Japanese culture that rubs me raw. In all honesty I could write a book about it. There is so much within this society that I think needs questioning. And before you go all 'holy than thou' on me... There is a ton about American culture, I could express my grievances with. Trust me.

I won't get into it at the moment. Before I do, please consider to read the following article.

He expresses some of what I am feeling. Although I have been here for only a short time. The author has spent a much longer time in the country.

Given time, I might express the same; if not similar.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Most Controversial Book in Japan

What happens when you take five metrosexuals, toss them together, and form a music group? If you're in Japan, you get possibly one of the most famous bands of the past decade. With music about as deep as a puddle, it's no surprise women would tear of their panties to hop in bed with one of these... Dudes?
All cynicism aside they did something, a bit important for Japan. 'The Land of the Rising Sun' has been suffering a bit over the past few years in terms of National Pride. The band, 'Arashi' was hired to help out. They helped produce a book about the country they love to call home. The Japanese government then distributed this book to schools throughout the nation. With schools getting two copies each.

Well, this became a problem with the fanatic, over obsessed, and most likely female population. Schools throughout Japan have seen a large amount of theft of these books. Resulting in the placement of the books, not in the library but the teacher's room. At nearly all the schools I work at, either one or both is in the teacher's room. It makes me bring up a few questions.

-Why didn't the publisher create distribution for public consumption?
-Why are people so stupid, so obsessed; with celebrity?

Maybe you can call me a mood killer but I don't see why certain people are exhausted to a 'Godlike' status by fanatics. It could be how I was raised or the career path I took or maybe something else thats burned inside of me.

How about I ask you this... How would you react shaking hands with the man who once had a chainsaw placed on it or stand side by side, taking a leakin' in a urinal with a man you looked up to growing up with as a kid... Or walking into a stall of another hero who dropped 'the kids off at the pool'?

The line of work I studied was animation. Going throughout college, I had many teachers who worked in many of my favorite films and TV shows. At first, you get star struck, then after a short period of time; you realize they're flesh and blood. Have one of your heros essentially, be your boss. Sure, it's awesome but you have to keep it professional.

Don't get me wrong, when 'Maiden' took the stage near Seattle, I gave out a few 'woos'. But I wouldn't dare bother waiting 4 hours in line to get a t=shirt autographed or a picture taken with them. They need sleep and probably get bored answering stupid questions. If you seriously want to be a respectable fan, give them all their face and leave em' alone.