Monday, November 8, 2010


This has been something I have thought about for the longest time. Adapting to American life, maybe might be much easier for a Japanese person in American than an American in Japan. Or maybe that is just the perception.

Adapting to life overseas is somewhat of a complicated one. I went in a handful of times for interviews, to jobs that might lead to Japan. The interviewers always warned potential employees about the risk of the 'honeymoon phase'. This phase, as they classified it as 'Everything is awesome for three months, then soon after; turns sour'. For myself, I am far beyond the honey moon phase.

I already know the sour bits of Japanese culture that rubs me raw. In all honesty I could write a book about it. There is so much within this society that I think needs questioning. And before you go all 'holy than thou' on me... There is a ton about American culture, I could express my grievances with. Trust me.

I won't get into it at the moment. Before I do, please consider to read the following article.

He expresses some of what I am feeling. Although I have been here for only a short time. The author has spent a much longer time in the country.

Given time, I might express the same; if not similar.

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