Thursday, November 18, 2010

Music Appreciation

Today, a girl in one of my classes asked me if I liked Hannah Montana, Jona's Brothers, or Selina Gomez. She's about ten so I was kind and said 'I'm sorry, but I don't.' I got a stare from a pre-teen that could kill four lions and a herd of wildebeests. About five minutes later, music came blaring over the PA system for lunch. I can only describe it as a sweet taste of the 50's. As Elvis was rocking through the speakers, I asked 'Do you like this?'. With a toss of her head and a sharp she quipped 'no'. My eyes widened 'That's the King we're talking about!' I was about to go into a rant about modern music then realized it would fall on deaf ears. Not everyone speaks English in these parts.



  1. One time a long time ago in April or so, a third-year asked me if I watched Twilight. She was 14, so I had no problem saying I don't watch that stuff. Her eager expression twisted into a mean face, she stomped her foot, said "hidoi!", and ran back down the hall.

    It was hilarious.

  2. They're still at the age where they don't realize that it's ok to have a different opinion. At sometimes I was similar at the age. Although, the tastes in music and movies were vastly different than most.