Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Most Controversial Book in Japan

What happens when you take five metrosexuals, toss them together, and form a music group? If you're in Japan, you get possibly one of the most famous bands of the past decade. With music about as deep as a puddle, it's no surprise women would tear of their panties to hop in bed with one of these... Dudes?
All cynicism aside they did something, a bit important for Japan. 'The Land of the Rising Sun' has been suffering a bit over the past few years in terms of National Pride. The band, 'Arashi' was hired to help out. They helped produce a book about the country they love to call home. The Japanese government then distributed this book to schools throughout the nation. With schools getting two copies each.

Well, this became a problem with the fanatic, over obsessed, and most likely female population. Schools throughout Japan have seen a large amount of theft of these books. Resulting in the placement of the books, not in the library but the teacher's room. At nearly all the schools I work at, either one or both is in the teacher's room. It makes me bring up a few questions.

-Why didn't the publisher create distribution for public consumption?
-Why are people so stupid, so obsessed; with celebrity?

Maybe you can call me a mood killer but I don't see why certain people are exhausted to a 'Godlike' status by fanatics. It could be how I was raised or the career path I took or maybe something else thats burned inside of me.

How about I ask you this... How would you react shaking hands with the man who once had a chainsaw placed on it or stand side by side, taking a leakin' in a urinal with a man you looked up to growing up with as a kid... Or walking into a stall of another hero who dropped 'the kids off at the pool'?

The line of work I studied was animation. Going throughout college, I had many teachers who worked in many of my favorite films and TV shows. At first, you get star struck, then after a short period of time; you realize they're flesh and blood. Have one of your heros essentially, be your boss. Sure, it's awesome but you have to keep it professional.

Don't get me wrong, when 'Maiden' took the stage near Seattle, I gave out a few 'woos'. But I wouldn't dare bother waiting 4 hours in line to get a t=shirt autographed or a picture taken with them. They need sleep and probably get bored answering stupid questions. If you seriously want to be a respectable fan, give them all their face and leave em' alone.

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