Tuesday, January 5, 2010

10 Days!

Business days. That is how much time I have to bring a list together of important documents for my job in Japan.

1) A photocopy of your passport photo and ID page(s)
2) Record of the last entry and the number of visits to Japan
3) 2 passport size photos
4) Official Transcripts (original) with sealed envelope
5) A copy of your BA/BS diploma (If your certificate doesn't state your exact date of graduation, please state the date when you reply to this email. This is for the purpose of obtaining work visa.)
6) Any additional degrees, certificates, or official records showing either of the following: work experience, employment, knowledge in teaching, Japanese (language, or cultural studies)
7) Place of Birth (in your passport)
8) Certificate of Pledge and Personal Guarantee with copies of guarantor's photo ID (Your parents or friends could act as your guarantor.)
9) Medical Certificate

Nearly all can be accomplished within a day or two. The only one I am concerned about is obtaining my college transcripts. I'm only about twenty miles from my college but knowing they can put these things to the side and forget about them is worrisome.

I've made a few phone calls to the school but it seems as though they are busy and its approaching lunchtime... I'll still see if I can make this work.

UPDATE: Found out it will take up to 5 business days for me to get required information. Ugh. This means around 4-3 business days to make sure it gets to Japan.

Don't let me down FedEx! I'll be counting on you next week!

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