Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Speed Bump.

Like one of those nasty ones where you end up bottoming out in your car, thinking you've done damage to something important. That's what has happened to me.

Today would be the day that I send out all my important information to Japan. I say would be, because of the speed bump I hit on Friday. And of course, speed bump as a metaphor.

Friday, I went in for my final medical examination and had everything checked out. It all looked good (except for my blood pressure but I think that is partially due to nerves). I was in good spirits and headed home. Upon arrival I found that my transcripts haven't arrived, so I decided to call my school about them.

Either someone working with the US Postal Service failed me or someone handling the mail at the Art Institute of Portland failed me.

After I found out my transcript request form wasn't there, I zipped down to Kinkos and faxed them a new request. Still though, they told me the best they could do was process it in five business days. Bureaucracy.

I'll call them later today and see if they have processed it, for now, I have thrown in the towel on the company I've been in correspondence with. I mean, not completely, maybe I should be a little more clear. But I find that the probability of obtaining my transcripts earlier than Tuesday this week and FedExing them on 24 hour express to make it there by this Thursday (our time) seems unlikely.

This means the process of looking for new work, has once again; begun. There are always jobs in Japan, its just where and when they start. Benefits, how much they pay, etc... I've found a few new places to apply and I might as well start.

Where I want to be is Sapporo but that looks like it won't happen. Unless, of course I subscribe to the "Hokkaido Insider". Which is more or less 'classified' ads geared at Hokkaido. Listing jobs, both teaching and non, within the region. Its 5,000 Yen; which is about $55-60 at the moment. To me, almost seems worth it, unless I fail.

Time to think.


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