Sunday, January 3, 2010

Episode 19!!!! Historic Village!


I'm winding down with the Sapporo series... Finally. Before I even finish, I might go on a break form making these for a while. I have about 40 hours of family videos (on VHS) to sift through and this needs to be done before I leave for Japan.

I think all that is left for Sapporo is... Possibly a review on Nesiko. That really looks like I'm near the end.

Of course, I could talk about Raemen Ally and the Nissan Showroom; both of which are in Sapporo. I lack footage. And there are even more things to talk about but then, I feel like I'm just talking. I'll contemplate it.

I've also came the the realization that it is difficult to get decent music for my videos. All of what is heard in my videos was made by me... Problem is, I'm not a composer and most of my songs last 1:30 which isn't long enough. If they clocked in at 3 minutes, then the would be more useful.

I'll have to sit down and try and make a handful of longer songs. Plus, trying to get that 'mood' thing, its difficult. I listen to metal, where the mood is generally easier to create.


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