Sunday, May 2, 2010

Golden Week

This event occurs during the first week of May and lasts five days. Its a celebration of a handful of Japanese holidays. A fair share of Japanese have this period off. This means that highways and trains are going to be packed. If I had more money, I would probably take a trip to a neighboring city but since I don't, time spent will be here in Otawara.

For the longest time, I have been wanting to obtain a nice kite. A nice large kite. With this kite, I would attach a camera to it and take some nice area video. Especially now when the rice fields are all flooded.

I spent a good portion of yesterday, stomping around the city looking for kites. Couldn't find one place that sold them. Later in the evening, I went to another store a bit further away and found some but they were too expensive and too small.

The other option is to make my own kite.... Its just I don't trust my own skill at making one. Ugh. Maybe I will look a little more and see if there are any I can find. If not. Looks like I might have to make one...

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