Sunday, April 4, 2010

Things I would like to experience in Japan

Its hard to really narrow down a list of things I would like to experience in Japan. Not only is there a ton of things I would like to experience in Japan but around the world and throughout my life. Seriously life is short.

Picture above is a Nissan skyline from around the late 1970's. It looks to be kept in nearly perfect condition. Most cars pushing kilometers beyond their age are kept in great condition. This happened to be one of them...

When it comes to the Japanese import scene, throughout the years; I'm no
t too interested. My favorite car has to be the Pontiac GTO. Especially the one from 'Death Proof'.

Flat black. Tons of power. And straight up evil!

The thing though I do find interesting about the Japanese car scene is drifting. It takes a ton of skill, a lot of coordination, and car that can make it through a hairpin turn without blowing out your tires.

This is something I would love to see, first hand, up close.

WHEN (not if) I get the chance, I will try and make my way to a Japanese circuit to see how this all is done. I hear that the entrance fee isn't to steep. This is no problem. Of course, purchasing a train ticket to Tokyo is a hefty fee. Round trip will hurt my wallet. I'll figure it out.

Later on, I will post other things about Japan I'd love to see. There is quite a bit. I will keep you posted!!!


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  1. Wasn't it a 1970 Nova and then a 1969 Charger that they used in death proof, not a GTO.... Also Skyline FTW!