Saturday, August 28, 2010


For the past few days I have been writing in my blog on a bit more of a consistant basis. Something that would resemble what it looked like upon my arrival to Japan. This is good because it gives more people something to read. For me its not too bad either. It gives me a place to write down my ideas. This is perfect so if I ever get Alzheimer's, I have a place to go and read the adventures of the past. Only problem becomes if I can't find it.

Moving along, I think I will try to find a few days out of the week where I will come here and spew garbage. All of these days will center around Japan, so if you're in the US; consider it a day earlier.

Tentatively, I think the days will be; Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. This does not mean however that I will lack content, with blank days. I will write as much as I possibly. Some days maybe writing two or three entries. Helping create a back log of work. Something I have been wanting to do with my video projects but that's much more difficult.

If I create a schedule of days when content is released, it gives everyone reading an exact day when content is posted. Instead of wondering when I will post another entry.

So, let's give this a try for the month of September and see how it turns out!

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