Thursday, August 19, 2010

The little things..

In a nation surrounded by the sea, you would think that clam chowder would be popular. Surprisingly, it's not. Which is quite a shame.

The picture you see to the left is of a can of clam chowder. The price of the can was also fairly high, somewhere around ¥238. In dollars, that would be something like $2.60 or so. Though I have not yet ate this tiny little can (maybe 6oz), I can tell you that I am looking forward to it.

When you move to a foreign land there are things you suddenly realize you miss. Family and friends seems to be the most obvious before leaving. I didn't take much consideration into how much I would miss American food.

Something as simple as a good deli sandwich is hard to find. Hot dogs! Where are they? Well, they are sold at the Mini Stop (a convenience store) nearby. The price of the hotdog sits somewhere around $2.50 and the size is about the quarter of something you could find at your local 7/11.

Even the things I miss at 7/11 in America, such as; fountain drinks, slurpies, taquitos, chilidogs, breakfast burritos... I really need to stop because its making me hungry. But these items are not found here.

Out of anything I would warn you about moving to another country is, YOU'RE REALLY GOING TO MISS THE FOOD!

Even when you take it to something you can find over here, such as pizza... Not quite as good. It's tasty, thats for sure but there is something missing to it. Also the price really hurts the wallet. Its something like $12 for a pizza that feeds one person. Watermelons are outrageous in price, somewhere around $30 for a melon half the size you could get in America. Finding really good bread is also difficult. I miss my 'Dave's Killer Bread' tremendously... Even sourdough I can't find.

Don't get me wrong, I really love Japanese food. Udon, ramen, yakisoba, sushi, or curry I would eat in a heart beat. But I really just miss a meal that sticks to your ribs. Which speaking of ribs... You can't find those either!


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