Saturday, August 21, 2010

Caffeine Addiction - TWJ BTS 28

When it comes to drinks, comparing the daily standard is quite different over here in Japan. In the US, coffee is the norm. People wake up from a nights rest and gulp down two cups before they get to work. While at work, they might consume about three more throughout the day. This essentially was my norm when I worked at FedEx for a year. Four or five cups of coffee made a huge difference in my productivity. Even the time I spent working on Coraline, in a days time, I might have consumed a cup in the morning then two or three throughout my day. It was really kind to me through out the long hours I spent in art school as well.

Coffee made me run. It made me think and kept me aware. Maybe that sounds like a bit of an addiction but I have came to realize this the past week.

Since living in Japan, my coffee consumption has gone down dramatically. In the same regard, I have also have had a harder time remember specific things, that at one point were simple to remember.

This country runs on tea. Its a far cry from coffee. Its good and has its health benefits, especially with all the varieties you can choose from but it doesn't have that kick like coffee.

This past week, I started to drink coffee more regularly. I nearly forgot how awesome it is. Its like an adrenaline shot in the arm. Amazing.


In other news, check out my latest episode, made with the aid of coffee.

-Jerry OUT!

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