Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Over the past few weeks as I finished up my TEFL course, the idea of working there slowly started ringing louder and louder in my head.

Japan was my first and has been for a while. Well, until now.

Pay, for the most part, across the board is the same in S. Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. Where they differ though, is benefits and their tax systems. Japan, has a higher standard of living and a relatively high tax rate. S. Korea is low and Taiwan is fairly low as well.

The cost of living in Taiwan however, is really really low. Of course, depending on where you live. Still, when I was in Taiwan, my friend told me that you could rent a moderately sized apartment in Tai Chung for roughly $230 a month, this also included water, gas, and electricity. Thats cheap.

When it comes to those benefits, S. Korea probably gets the win but Taiwan is close, if not in the same playing field. Both countries may offer you're airfare, pay for your living expenses, give you bonuses such as "perfect attendance"!!! When it comes to Japan, their benefits are generally lacking.

English teachers generally make around 2,000 - 2,500 a month. I've seen job postings in Taiwan for jobs that pay up to $4,000 USD/month. Of course a 40 hour week but still. Jobs that pay around 2,000 or so in Taiwan are generally PART TIME (20-25 hrs/week).

The more research I do, the more Taiwan seems appealing. Plus, I could have a little 50cc scooter over there. Explore the land... I would love this.

Things I've also considered is competition for a posted job. Everyone and their mother would like to work in Japan.

Maybe it will be Taiwan for me. Who would have thought it?


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