Thursday, November 12, 2009


I finally finished my TEFL course! This process has been a fairly exhausting month and a half (give or take). I was hoping I would have been done by the beginning of November but this is close enough. Now its time to wait, roughly ten days for my results.

So exhausted and I have to leave for work in a few hours. Ugh.

The timing of taking this final test was not awesome either. The company I'm doing this through is located out of Prague. When you get to the final test, you email them stating you're ready. They e-mail you back download link with the test. You then have twenty-four hours to complete the test.

I emailed them Tuesday morning at around 9am, thinking its around three or four in the afternoon over there. After about an hour of waiting for the email back, I looked at the current time and found out it was near eight in the evening. Beautiful.

The day I planned to work on it, didn't work out. I got the email and download link last night but decided to start on the final exam this morning, at roughly 9am.

They said most people finish the test in six hours. Well, I get anxiety with tests and am generally bad at them, so it took me 12 hours to complete. Plus I'm great at second guessing myself, so now I'm nervous about my results. Awesome.

Like I said, the wait for my results is ten days. Between now and then, I can start looking for work or think about retaking the course.

I'm such a pessimist.


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