Sunday, November 29, 2009

The application process

Since passing my TEFL exam, I've begun looking for work within; at the moment, Taiwan. I would really like to work and live in Sapporo but its rough finding work there. Sparse population in Hokkaido works against me due to that most jobs, require you to have a drivers license and/or car. I've looked over the Japanese drivers test in the past and there is no way I could pass this without knowledge of Japanese (which means I should practice Japanese then take a test to prove my fluency!!!!). Parts of it are memorizing an obstacle course as well. And sadly, I can't just get and international drivers license, since American ones are only good for a short time. This is something I've also looking into. Taking a test for 50cc-250cc bike/scooter in Taiwan would be a breeze compared to the rigorous Japanese drivers test. :S

Applying for work isn't too hard. I already have existing resumes and cover letters aimed at the English Teacher job. So its just a matter of editing and submitting. Then taking a picture of my smug face and degree. They want that too.

The biggest hurdle I have is the interview process. Before, when I had to interview, they took place in Portland, OR. This was nice. If I had to go to Seattle or Vancouver BC, this isn't much of a problem. One over skype or the phone isn't a problem either.

But if they want to see me in LA or NY or even in Taiwan, this is a problem. Mostly due to cost.

Since researching about work in Taiwan, I've came to find out that some places suggest, you take a 60 day visitor visa for your interview process. Get a handful of interviews lined up. Board a plane and head over to Taiwan to look for work. If you get a job, then the school will switch over your visitor visa to a work visa. This is an "IF".

I feel fairly confident in my abilities that if I were to do this 60 day visa, I could find work in the 60 days. But the main problem with this one again, is cost.

I'd need a budget of at least $4,000 to do something like this. I could maintain a diet of rice and stay in hostels and couches. Whats more crazy, is that I've actually begun considering this option. I've been lost in Asia before and 60 days looking for work wouldn't kill me.

Of course, if the current applications I send out and a few more on their way lend me work, then this won't be an issue.

I think I've lived too safe and comfortably the past few years. Might as well take a leap of faith and see if I could do it.

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