Friday, November 6, 2009

Hokkaido or Bust

I'm nearing in on the completion of my TEFL lessons. This means a major portion of my awake hours are spent thinking about where I want to teach. Of course its easy to say "anywhere" but that's a lie, there is always a preference.

The place I'm gambling on is Hokkaido.

I say this is a gamble because the population of Hokkaido is roughly five million. The total population of Japan is somewhere around 125 million. Considering that 120 million live elsewhere in Japan, you can see that population density in Hokkaido is surprisingly sparse.

This also means that jobs within the region are difficult to find. I'm hoping to get work there and if I don't, its okay.

Sometimes I feel though, that if I don't get work in Hokkaido; I'm okay with working anywhere within Asia. I like Japan, its fun but Taiwan is just as fun and I'm sure that South Korea is just as fun.

We shall see what the options are, just have to get through these final papers and final test.


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