Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Korea 3 of 9 - Tapgol Park

Editor's notes:

One of my friends likes to give me a hard time about my videos.

''Jerry, you talk so slow!''

She always pokes fun at it. Maybe sometimes I sound too much like an English teach, speaking to my students. In all honesty, it probably wouldn't hurt for me to talk a bit quicker. Maybe the next video I will go at full force.

This video was really slow. I always try to keep in mind all of my viewers. If you remember a few days ago I broke up where all my videos are being viewed from. Close to half of the countries where someone is watching, is not a native English speaking country. So for me to speak slow and sound silly to Americans is one thing but it also let's others follow along. I could do subtitles but that is a huge painstaking task.

Sorry deaf people.

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