Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Korea 1 of 9 - Getting to Korea


  1. Nice video jerry. Must have been hard to stay awake all the night just to get the bus. interesting how many other japanese were at the macdonalds around that time. They didn't look like homeless. Is it the bad japanese economy?????

    Anyway, hope the trip was worth it and that your way bach was more comfortable.

    Any plans to go to korea again?

  2. Hello Daniel,

    I have many plans to go to Korea again. I've been there twice so far during my time in Japan. It's much easier to get around as an English speaker than Japan. Koreans are pretty good with English. I have also noticed myself acquiring some Korean words and phrases each time I go. Some of the Korean nouns are similar to Japanese nouns.

    There is just so much to see, the food is good, prices are reasonable. I don't know when I will go next. I was planning to stop over there this summer but I don't quite have the funds. I might go again in the winter. My parents are planning to visit my sister (she is getting married) but that is in the Philippines. Although, I bet they would love to see Korea again. My dad spent two years there in the US Military many years ago. He would probably love to see how much it has changed since he left. We also have some family friends up in Seoul. So maybe again for Christmas. :)