Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Korea 2 of 9 - First impressions

Here is my first day exploring Korea. There was so much that was new to me. Korea is very different from Japan, extremely different. I had a great time! More videos on the way! SIX MORE!



  1. hey, great to watch korea through your videos again. it's interessting that you say that korea is different from japan. my frist impression when i arrived in japan was that there are so many things which are similar to korea, such as the suica card and all the noise of the shops on the street and so on...
    but definitely there are also differences if you look more in detail. may be i'm to accustomed to korea to see the details.

    so finally if everything goes well, you'll be in korea over christmas again. like last year. hope that the trip to the airport is easier this time then.

    hope i'll have a chance to go to korea again in the near future. until the end of the next year, though, it looks like i'll be stucked in germany....

    have a nice weekend over there

  2. Hey Daniel.

    For me, getting outside of Japan in such a long time was a shock. I am curious what it will be like when I visit America again. It's probably going to be a huge reverse culture shock.

    I am hoping my family will be able to make it to Korea this Christmas. It would be quite the way to spend it.

    Anyway, stay safe in Germany! I would like to meet up again someday!