Monday, October 11, 2010


Deodorant in Japan has to be the saddest and most worthless item I have used here. It might be a bit complicated to explain but from what I have observed, the Japanese don't sweat too much. Maybe its an Asian thing, I don't know. Considering, I'm from a different ethnic background, it shouldn't be a surprise that deodorant isn't used much here.

The most common deodorant I can find is spray on. Totally worthless. This stuff lasts about an hour or two at best. I generally take a shower before I go to sleep. Then I take a hit of deodorant. When I wake up in the morning, its worn off. Regardless if I sweat or not. And sometimes B.O. is seeping out my pits. Its really disheartening.

Its hard to find any roll on but I got word from some friends that it's possible to find. Of course, I don't know how useful it will be.

Luckily the weather is getting cooler. Fall is approaching and I will sweat less. Problem is, I'm adapting to this weather every time it gets cooler. This means I still sweat. If you want to be a kind soul, please send me some deodorant from America. I would greatly appreciate it. Something like 'Tim's' or 'Arm and Hammer'. I'm not so much a fan of deodorant high in aluminum and other bizarre chemicals.

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