Saturday, October 16, 2010

Understanding Broken English via Death Metal

When I was in my sophomore year in High School, I was exposed to a glorious form of music. Death Metal. For over the past ten years, there always is a band on my 'top ten playlist'. Things haven't changed. Something about the music is soothing.

Of course, when I first started listening to death metal, something about it was hard to understand; the lyrics. Most vocalists sound as if they swallowed a snake and are nearly incomprehensible. At first, I read linear notes, to understand what they're saying. Then after a while, I able to understand their annunciation and intonation in their speech. I could listen to about any band at the drop of the hat and translate it for you into understandable English.

I would have never thought that years and years of listening to death metal has helped me understanding broken English. Though I have spent a lot of time around immigrants to America, it seems like I've had an upper hand understanding them, compared to most 'Native Speakers'. It's pretty rad.

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