Thursday, October 14, 2010

Finding Gold

About 10km from my house is an 'International Liquor Store'. I have rode my bike the long distance for the gold thats inside. Surprisingly, it carries quite a bit of non-alcoholic items. Which are the bigger draw.

Inside this store, I have found tortillas, chili, peppers, pretzels, and all the little goodies back home. Each time I go, there is something new I find. Considering the store is fairly small, it carries quite the surprising selection of food. Most of which, isn't found at the international super market.
The prices are relatively affordable as well. I was shocked to find a quart of Umpua ice cream there the other day. It ran me about ¥700, which is maybe $2 more than what I would find it for in the states...

But seriously, UMPQUA? Thats a regional treat that people in the NW only seem to experience. When I first went to the store, I was shocked to find Tim's potato chips. Again, this is another treat that only seems to be a regional delight. If I came across Tillamook cheese, I would be a very very happy man. Sadly, it's not available at the store.

As you can see, the prices on the chips aren't wallet breaking. Its more than America but the prices aren't unnecessarily high. I have been to some other stores that sell the same or similar goods but generally at a much high price.

Hopefully I will keep continuing to find all of these goodies on a more consistant bases.

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