Saturday, September 4, 2010

Funny Signs

The poster to the right is one that was up at one of my elementary schools for quite a while. It's an informative picture on what kind of foods you need to eat, to produce the most ideal bowl movement.

Something like this might not happen in the US. Some parent might complain seeing it's too much of a 'taboo' subject.

The Japanese have a different view point on this matter. Things that come 'naturally' are generally not a taboo subject. Of course there still is a time and a place for talking about it, it's just they aren't as shy to talk about something like this. I could go down to my local store and buy a hat that's shaped like a pile of poop. There would even be the possibility I could wear it at school and it wouldn't be a big deal. Though, I probably won't do that. Hahaha.

I'll touch on this more as the subject will surely come up in various forms in the future. Enjoy your breakfast!!!

Just what everyone wanted to see...

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