Saturday, September 25, 2010

Concerning Squat Toilets

When making brown in Japan, there are a couple of options you have as to what kind of unit, you want to dispense your waste into. First there is the Western Style toilet. They aren't everywhere but they're found in most areas of Japan. If you can't find ole' Johnny, then your only other option is the squat toilet or as some people affectionately call them; 'squatty potties'.

Last year when I visited Japan I saw them almost every where I went. For the two weeks I was here, I didn't dare bother with one. Defecating over it terrified me. I didn't know where to put my pants. And since I didn't know where to put my pants, I thought I'd excrete and whiz all over them. Now that I am here, its a different story.

There have been quite a few occasions where I have had no other choice but to use them. I now know where to put my pants (although I generally remove them completely).

I have found that I find them more refreshing on your digestive system. The position your body is in, is a much more healthy way of cleaning your bowels (no tubes are pinched off). Also, you get a front row seat, close to the action. That part, I'm not a fan of (same with the horrid smell). However, the feeling afterwards is joyous. Because I have been eating much more rice, its like I'm making bricks. Western toilets pinch off your colon and keeps it clogged. Good old squat toilets seriously let gravity take over.

If you ever travel to a foreign land that has these, please give it a try. For a number two, it feels amazing.


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