Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Big Move...

This Friday, I will leave America for a grip (one year) give or take a few grips (days). This entire move is something I've been looking forward to for grips (years). Living in Japan? Crazy. It will be a whole new experience, I'll try and update this blog a bit more regularly while I'm there. I'll also try and direct friends and family here more regularly, so I don't have to be redundant on answering questions.

As of now, where I'm likely to end up is in Ōtawara. I'm not sure if this is a city or specific region. I'm still getting used to how the Japanese label regions, wards, prefectures, etc...

The area is considered rural with a population of about 77,000. This is not rural to me and I had to laugh a little when I was told this. I grew up in a town of 600 and the entire county (Skamania) has a population of roughly 12,000; with, what I would estimate at least 50 Sasquatches.

Fifty percent of the Ōtawara area is rice fields and around twelve percent is forest and mountains. I'm only quoting wikipedia.

It was hard to find any information on the area or pictures of it. This will be a true adventure. I'll have a car while I'm there, this is gonna be weird but thats grip (ok). Alright, this entry is becoming very non-grip (stupid), so I'll let it be.

More updates to follow.


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