Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Next Stop Gyeongju

Every time I complete an episode, I feel a small sense of accomplishment.  It might be big or small but it's always there.  After that feeling of pride wipes away, I am left with the next challenge.  Which is the next video?  

Mentally, I keep a checklist of what I want to work on next.  Sometimes, starting a new video is a huge chore.  There might be little visuals to work with and creating a narrative might feel impossible.   I'm in luck this time.  

For the Gyeongju episode, I found that I have nearly twenty five minutes of footage to use.  This is not normally how much I have for a single video.  I'm lucky if I have ten minutes.  

Right now, I'm sifting through what is useable and what isn't.  I'll be aiming to get this episode down to around five minutes.  That's the goal for now.  If I can keep it around seven minutes, I'll be happy.  There might be more I'm willing to hold onto.  

Gyeongju was one of my favorite places I visited in Korea last year.  It's a quite historic city that's off the east coast of Korea.  Generally, it doesn't snow much there.  On this occasion it did.  This was something most Koreans living in the area never see.  Not only did I get to see a historically rich city but I was able to see it caked in snow.  

Anyway, final cut awaits!  I hope to see you next week!

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