Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bizarre Dream

Last night I had a dream in which I was forced to leave Japan and go back to America.  I've had this dream a few times before.  There have never been a reason to 'why' I had to move back.  The problem I've had in each of these dreams is that, I've never been able to find work.  I love Cascadia but I have a very stable life in Japan.  Let's hope it doesn't come true.

(Japanese forest nearby my house)


  1. sounds kind of scary... but well if you had it a view times it could have some meaning, right? may be you should simply ask the man in white above what the dreams could mean.... you know as daniel in the bible did :p...

  2. Dreams are difficult to assess. If anything, they aren't signs and they foretell anything. They usually allow you to see deeper within yourself. If going back to America in your dream made you sad, then your subconscious was probably expressing your love for Japan (or being outside of America living in foreign countries). :)