Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Episode 10! and other thoughts

Look how far I've made it! All the way to episode 10. I really wish I would have been at this point, maybe 4 weeks back but there is so much content and so little time. These episodes take a lot of work, even if they seem like they might not.

Since going on my adventure throughout the SW United States, I'll try and cut those up and post them as some form of 11-13. After the SW, I'll head back to Japan and see if I can try and blaze through the remaining Sapporo Episodes and Tokyo.

I would really like to move onto working on my Taiwan series. I went there last year in Oct and I'll be coming up on that anniversary of visiting the island. Its not fun to have outdated material.


A few weeks back I gave youtube promote a try. It didn't work to well in my favor. I think its worth to give it another shot but this time, I'll create a legitimate promo/ad. The time before I used it, I used my "Drinks - 03" episode. It landed me some views but no subscribers or ratings.

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