Friday, April 1, 2011

My fourth Language. (Not an April Fool's Joke)

Since being in Korea, I have thought towards my fourth language. Yes my friends, my fourth language. First being English, Second Spanish, Third Japanese, and the FOURTH. Although my second is getting progressively weak, I could brush up on it within three-four weeks and be back at conversation level once again. Which is where I'm at with my third. My Japanese has been getting progressively better.

My fourth though... I always thought my fourth would be German. I wanted it to be German. It would help connect with nearly all my ancestral roots in Europe. But maybe my fourth might be Korean.

Many of the nouns in Korean sound similar to Japanese. Very easy to remember. Anyhow, we will see. When I get back to Japan, I will be purchasing a few Spanish books, a handful of Japanese books, and maybe just maybe one Korean book.

On a side note, I think Korean would be much easier to learn than Japanese. The pronunciation is much more difficult but they DON'T HAVE KANJI TO DEAL WITH!!!

That's all for now.


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