Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's winter

Which means the weather can get rough. Last night I was out on a walk and saw a car partly stuck in a ditch (it began snowing the other day). As I slowly walked past the car, the driver's side door opened up. Inside were a young couple, I asked in Japanese ''are you ok?'' They replied with ''Yes, we are, thank you''. Of course, in my mind, I knew they weren't. They're Japanese and burdening another person with ones own personal matters maybe be considered rude or めんづくさい. A large part of me felt sick walking home that evening. I felt like the rich man stepping over the poor in a parable Jesus once told. Me and the other fellow in the car could have easily pushed it free. It was a Kei-Car and needed only a few inches to be back on the road. I hope the tow truck didn't take long. Twenty-four hour service is standard in American, not so much in Japan. I have to continually remind myself that, I'm human and they are to, they need help them. And helping out with such a task shouldn't be a problem. I helped changing a young couples tire a few months back, what's it to me pushing out another couples car free from a ditch?

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