Thursday, December 9, 2010

Recessive Genes.

Yesterday, a student saw my eyes up close for the first time. It's been nearly nine months. This wouldn't seem like anything important if it weren't for the fact, my eyes are blue in a sea of brown. They asked the teacher 'Why are his eyes blue'. The teacher responded with an appropriate answer; 'there are different colors of eyes found throughout the world and Jerry is just one of them'. I have to remember that, to some children, my eyes might have been the first set of blue they have ever seen. That's such a foreign concept to me.


  1. I live in Finland and here in the north blue eyes are more common than brown ones. As for myself I've got light brown eyes and I've often been complimented that I've got beautiful eyes. Guess that will change if I someday go to study in Japan and join the majority with my lovely eyes.


  2. Oh, you get it all the time here. Light brown is just as rare as dark. Its stricken and attractive. :)

  3. Yes! I'm asian but apparently got light brown eyes. Woot