Friday, June 12, 2009

DV cable, Virgin Ledges of Tokyo...

Having troubles finding my DV cable... Might have to go get a new one. :(

Since I can't find it and really get to work on anything, I will post this...

While during my stay in Japan, I had the chance to walk around a bunch. Most of my walking and adventure seeking was in Sapporo, a snow filled, 'Hoth' like city. Architecture of nearly every form was covered with snow.

When I headed down to Tokyo, I got to take in the architecture a little bit more. During this, I noticed that ledges, hand rails, and everything that makes a skater here in the States drool, was untouched. Only on a few occasions did I notice anything that was slightly damaged.

I mean, Tokyo is a city of Eight Million or so people! You would think that there would be a handful of skaters out there breakin' the law. My only conclusion is that the Japanese have much respect and reverence for other peoples property.

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